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Slyborg Services Limited began as a general works contractor in 2011. As a result of the Nigerian government trying to encourage economic diversification, we also took the bold step by gradually channelling our resources towards the agricultural sector with our Crops and Animals.

Our focus has been mainly on Livestock, Fish and Poultry, we have also acquired acres of land on which we have practised crop rotation for different seasons ranging from maize, cassava, yam, fruits and vegetables.  


The quest to further expand out frontiers took us into the commodities export market and have over the years established contacts for the exports of Charcoal, different type of un-processed and semi-processed logs of wood, agricultural products (sesame seed. ginger, hibiscus, sorghum, millet etc).


We have an assortment of local sources for all forms of export products and have a built a reputation of timely delivery to our foreign buyers while making sure all appropriate contractual agreements are strictly adhered to.